Friday, September 01, 2006

Of all the things..

here are two I didn't need.

1) We all have awful colds, with sore throats - but I have to get a stomach bug to go with mine. Never do anything by halfs, that's my moto! I feel totally 'blah' and 'bleh'.

2) Dolly (Dolores) moulted and is now the spider formally known as......another bloddy male one! So a 'Hi' to Diego. I know you can't sex a juvenile spider and this one hides its moults so we've not been able to check...but.... I thought this time. So that's 3 out 5 so far that have turned out to be male. The sad thing is once they're mature, all they do is tromp about looking for spidey sex until they conk out and die. It's hard to watch. I know that some spider breeders advocate euthanasia but I can't bring myself to put a tarantula into the deep freeze. Diego now has massive hooks or spurs on his front legs. Is bigger than Phido (Fifi - that was) and is probably not long for this world - we only got him as a juvenile in Jan 06 - oh well such is life etc and so forth.


turtlegirl76 said...

Aw, I hope y'all feel better soon.

I had no idea about that with spiders. How long after moulting (and thereby determining sex) do they generally live?

Allie said...

Hope you're feeling better today. Bad news about the spig - poor lad. Tell me people don't really put them in the freezer?? Mind you, we have a dead crab in ours at the moment as leo fell in love with it at Cuckmere Haven and couldn't be parted from it.