Monday, September 11, 2006

Where does it go?

Time that is.

This is a quick update - manic! Life has been full, busy and I can't remember a quarter of it all. But there has been playing (cousins), learning (long division), reading - J has been reading the 'Measle' books and together we've almost finished 'The Railway Children' next we're moving onto Willard Price's 'Adventure' series - we have 4 to choose from - me I have abandoned the 'Moonstone' at the moment because..... I am reading a thriller (never, you? - I normally can't abide the thriller genre) but have got sucked into 'The Bourne Identity' - which I am enjoying immensely.

There have also been experiments, discussions, the daily chore of chores. J has been practicing his laundry skills - kids need to know this kind of stuff - interspersed with fun and Spike Milligan!

Knitting - well I have almost finished 'Cosy' from Knitty - I intend to finish it this week - so it will have only taken about a year *sigh*.
I got an Addi turbo (via GetKnitted) that is 2.5mm (sock size) and really short - so I can knit sockie-do-dahs on ONE - repeat - ONE needle - mega whee and whoohoo! It's taking a bit of getting used to though - but I will persevere. So I have a plain sock on the go and a Jaywalker (Grumperina - MagKnits). I have 2 half finished pairs of mittens and many other projects - but his week I have shared the love and worked on lots of different ones.

I warped up my loom (nice big weaving yarn order from Texure received- weaving stuff is NOT part of the yarn diet). I am experimenting with a tartan style pattern - fun.

I have also started on a few knitted Xmas gifties. This year we are having a traditional Xmas with less expensive plastic crap from Toys-R-Us etc and more traditional gifts (small pressies) and homemade goodies. I'm also not sending cards this year - apart from immediate family - I just can't buy into it anymore - way too commercial (oops soapbox crept in for a moment).

Finally...from lunchtime today we are officially on a 2 week holiday. Not going away as such (apart from camping - weather permitting) but doing days out etc. So may be AFK-ish for a while. Be good while I'm not about and no rowdy behaviour peeps.

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Thanks for the tip about removing piercings. I let Kenny loose with the pliers and amazingly I still have my ear in tact!