Friday, September 29, 2006

Secrets, squirrels and Socrates.

It's that time of year when secret knitting commences. You will find me knitting at odd times when normally I'd be engaged on other tasks because gift knitting needs to occur when the recipient isn't likely to walk in on you. Even the normally most unobservant boy will always pick up on it when I'm knitting for him. I have bags stashed in odd places with projects started and then hidden as the thump of feet heralds small person approach. I have stuff started for M whilst he's at work, my secret knitting isn't even safe from Ma - she takes it into to her head to pop up for a chat (she's requested a pair of Pomatumus socks - just a little job then). So to find me knitting at 10.00 am instead of completing chores etc must mean the start of the pre-Christmas knitathon. I have so many things I want to make and now feel I have so little time. Ah well such is life.

M cooked up a storm the other evening. We were all sat in the kitchen, scoffing happily. I don't know why but I glanced across to the window and there on the wall that borders the side path sat a grey squirrel looking straight me. Now I'm sure he wasn't after my Shepherds Pie and I don't think we'd make interesting viewing for squirrel TV, but there he sat, it seemed for ages, watching us, watching him, watching us. I haven't seen a squirrel in our vicinity for over a year. Hopefully he'll come back for another visit. I don't care if people think they are vermin, I like them.

I am not a morning person (understatement here) and the other morning at about 7.30am J bounced into our room and onto the bed with a "What's philosophy?" Now I did study philosophy (briefly) in the 1st year of my degree but I've forgotten more than I learnt. But between M and I and brief visit to 'Sophie's World' by Jostein Gaarder we managed to answer his question. He loves these early morning, in bed, conversations (which always make for a late breakfast and M being late for work). But they are a good thing, because they really make us feel blessed that we home educate, because those kind of chats are what home-ed are all about. Not going to groups, not having every minute of every day filled with activities - the path of so many other home-edders - but as a family - being and learning together. For me it is 'HOME' education, not group, park, activity education. Each to their own, and we do do stuff a bit like that, but less now than ever and it suits us all. So thanks Socrates you made us have a really positive moment and to embrace that we're OK and happy and that learning is taking place all the time - just differently from others.

Now it's time to get back to those secret needles - 'Housework.....hoovering....what's that?'

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Sarah said...

Good luck with the secret knitting!

Alas, I cannot keep it a secret from my Nate when I knit him something.