Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vent, rant, rant, vent.

I am very tolerant of peoples choices. Living all my life in Brighton (gay capital of Europe) I see people as people not as labeled by their lifestyles/choices. I abhor homo-phobic attitudes.

Today I was subjected to a verbal abuse because A) I am a women, B) I am a Mother and C) Because I am heterosexual - this abuse came from two homosexual men. Two adult men who chose not to or couldn't control their dog in a public park and when I asked them to control it because it as A) Harassing my dog and B) Chasing my child (who is nervous of this breed of dog and who had just fallen off his bike and was crying anyway). They then accused me of being hysterical....yes hysterical. I admit I did speak sharply and I had to repeat myself. I was also hugging J and was concerned as M tried to keep our elderly and lame dally away from their marauding Boxer (our dog was on the lead and we were using a halty - we don't let her off near other dogs as she goes lame so easily these days). Then the more senior of the two gents (probably in his 60's) squared upto me and approached me in an aggressive manner, whilst his partner repeated that he should leave it as it was clear I was hysterical (still?). Neither had at that point realized the possible danger they were in....because I can look after myself and basically could have decked the pair of them and by that time M (who is not as tolerant as me and is highly protective of me and J) was getting extremely angry. He then asked them to control their dog and they replied we should control ours (the one on the short lead and halty - who was yelping and trying to dodge their dog). They then informed us that in a park they DO NOT need to control their dog or use a lead (really - I suppose it can just shit anywhere as well and the fact that there are sports facilities and playgrounds confirms that this park is solely for dog walking...yes?).

One gent dragged the other gent away and I asked M to leave it as people like that (I mean arseholes and aggressive) are not worth it. But why I ask myself did they choose me? Am I classed as hysterical because I am a women (who was more angry than any other emotion) or because I was comforting a balling child? Did he think I would be easy to intimidate? If his partner hadn't intervened and verbally insulted me - what would he have done?

I have never felt anti-gay but today I could empathise with some attitudes that other hetro people have exhibited. A hetro man/men would not have threatened a women with an upset child like that and not in front of her obviously well built hubby. They behaved that way and hid behind the fact they are gay because they know the law and society would favour them if it had kicked off.

They are low cowards who deserve no respect and like so many before them their hetro/sexist- a-phobic attitude is got away with because they have more rights as a minority than I do as a women and mother.

I don't care who this pisses is my blog and I am angry. I will be less tolerant and forgiving of rude people whatever their orientation in the future and next time I won't care if they are gay, push-bapist, 7th day advent hoppists or general wankers. I will not hold my tongue and give them the benefit of the doubt I will knock their fucking blocks off and take the risk of being accused of gay-bashing or whatever they may be.

PS - If you don't like this piss off elsewhere to a politically correct blog - because as of now the gloves are off! No more Mrs Nice and Tolerant who follows live and let live - fuck with me and I'll bite back.

This event also upset J - he was scared by this bloke squaring off at his Mum and also knowing that his Pop can be a bit feisty he was aware of the unpleasant atmosphere. M or I would not have acted in an aggressive or violent manner in front of him.

We cut our day at the park short, brought our picnic home and have all felt angry and upset since. I do allow/understand that all facets of society have prats and you can't blame the whole for the part - but this was hiding behind a label and was just downright nasty, bitchin old queens - shame on them for making me feel homo-phobic for the 1st time ever.


Susan said...

Well said! I'm on your side and I'm sure a lot more people will be too.

Sarah said...

Peri, that really sucks.

The fact is there are crap people of all genders, sexual orientations, races and religions out there. You just happened to meet the crappy mean gay couple.

So sorry.


glittrgirl said...

They were in the wrong, you were in the right. Nuff said. Orientation means nothing in the face of simple bad manners. There are selfish self centred self obssessed wankers all over the place. Not good they made you question your attitudes to others though. Tossers. I love that word. TOSSERS!!!!!!


Aye, tossers come in all shapes and sizes. Peri, you ain't homophobic, you're tosser-phobic.

Skitten said...

Lord, I don't blame you for being angry. I would have to say though that I have been at the rough end of things (with friends' kids in tow) from heterosexuals as well: big tough guys thinking it's ok to bully and yell and intimidate. Good for you for sticking up for yourself. But as Purlpower and Glittr say, it is tossers (and I'll add 'bloody arsing' to that too) who are to blame rather than any particular sexuality... if someone is a bloody arsey tosser, then they are a bloody arsey tosser.


sarah said...

Doesn't it just make your blood boil when anyone uses race religion or sexual orientation as a get out for downright rude or abusive behavior.