Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bobs n bits

I love books - as much as I love yarn. I bought these two a couple of weeks back and haven't yet had much of chance to look at either *sighs* live is a bit too busy right now. But I will savour the moment of anticipation with the knowledge that I will get the time I need eventually when life quietens down. I also have the knitting book M got me for my birthday and 3 new fiction novels to delve into - 2 Neil Gaiman and a new Trudi Canavan - sometimes SciFi/fantasy - just ticks the right boxes.
This I bought for M - we're not normally into to TV chefs (though we have been known to watch the F Word and Rick Stein now and then) but I have been loving this series on Channel 4. All the recipes tried so far have been amazing and the book is also really good reading with loads of interesting facts and info on veggie growing. Another thing that is escaping from me this year - the prep on the veggie patch - mayhap this weekend - after J's cousin has been for a long awaited sleepover. Think of me Friday night with a 9 year doofus and a 10 year dweebus hooning about!
Sunset the other night - ahhhh pretty!
Won't have time to post Yarn pR0n tomorrow and this isn't the best picture - but it'll have to do. CTH Super Sock Merino in Indian Summer. My taste in colour has been under going a massive shift recently toward shades like this. IRL it is so rich and vibrant it almost hums.

Have a quieter day today need to catch up with housework, laundry, ironing and other interesting stuff....NOT. But the sooner I get started the sooner it is over and done with - s0 I'm off to iron a pile the size of a small hummock.

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