Sunday, February 03, 2008

A little bit more Lottie

We survived our first night of Lottie - she slept a lot during the evening.
Especially on me - look at that fat pink tummy! She was totally zonked out and relaxed - my arm went quite dead.
Her tail looks like it's been dipped in the ink pot!
She quite fell for cousin E. She clambered on her lap and went to sleep.

Lottie also achieived having a poo and doing her impression of a stamp-sure chicken and walking all over it - so at 00.30am I was washing puppy feet! She chased Conkers (who was most unimpressed) he quickly discovered the joy of holding the higher ground. She did numerous wees on her wee mat - good girl! Finally though - Loobles is not impressed with the upstart, we know this will take time, Loobles so far has either woofed mightily, growled menancingly or pretended 'it' just isn't there.

Wonder what today will hold for Lottie?

PS - blogger's spelling checker is fooked so it there are mistakes - blame blogger and not my abysmal spelling!


glittrgirl said...

Adorable! They aren't puppies for long, and recording her changes and growing up is a great thing to do. She is a little sweetie. Tuppence took no time to toilet train - such intelligent little dogs are a joy to train. I think Tuppence was all toilet trained by about 13 weeks.....

Suemoon said...

I want to bury my face in puppy-belly!

Jo said...

soooo gorgeous!