Friday, February 01, 2008

Oh the bliss...

of a new mattress! We bought a new one on Monday - one of these memory foam jobbies. You can not know the bliss of waking up pain free in the morning - my hips are rejoicing as is my lower back. Our previous mattress was 7 years old - but it cost us a bomb when we bought it - all hand tied and fancy - it had become a lumpy nightmare of agony. The new one did take a couple of nights to get used to, I had to alter my sleeping position, but the last 2 nights have been totally blissful and I have had to be dragged out of bed in the morning!!!!

I also indulged in new memory foam pillows, another dose of comfort - I've not had a neck pain induced headache or any headache all week - that is unheard of.

We are in the throes of planning. One reason to get a puppy now is to get the destruction/house training over and done with before we re-do. Our first room to get a makeover will be J's - it needs it. We want to make easier for him to control his stuff and make it fresher and brighter. Next we are planning to totally rip out the bathroom and start again - no bath - but more of a wetroom. Then refloor upstairs completely including the staircase. Finally remodel the lounge - new furniture and decor and then our bedroom *sigh* we're doing it bit by bit and have allowed ourselves a year to complete it all.

In the meantime we are also debating about moving the veggie patch as we want to get rid of the the pool and move the veggies onto the lower lawn - which will give me more space and gets more sun.

So I am surrounded by decorating/DIY brochures and gardening books - no wonder there has been no time for knitting!

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