Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mix n match

Posh Yarn - sock yarn - aren't the colours amazing - colourway is Court, yarn is Lucia.
More Posh Yarn - so pretty - colourway Crow - yarn Helena. I have adored all members of the crow family for years. I think they are wonderfully entertaining and intelligent birds. I hate it when the local farmers shoot - the last couple of years we've only had Carrion Crows locally but this year the local Rook and Magpie communities have recovered and I for one am glad. I couldn't resist this yarn!
Anyone who knows me well, knows I hate Birthday cakes covered in that thick plasticy icing - gross! So this year the boys got me a Lemon Drizzle cake (a total fav) and customised it - aren't they sweet and of course skulls are always a good bet with me. J also got me a lovely skull bracelet and M got me some skull studs - wonderful.
Taken today - Lottie at 11 weeks and 3 days. She's growing and is such a lovely (naughty) girlie.

Right I'm off to get ready, meeting Sis for lunch today - mmmmmm garlic mushrooms!


glittrgirl said...

I love this puppy pic! I want a border puppy :(

Jo said...

gorgeous yarns, yummy puppy! lovely cake!

SiressYorkie said...

Skull cake! Skull cake! Skull cake! Happy Birthday, Peril! Hope you had a good one.

*sigh* I envy your life...no one would EVER make me a skull cake... When I turned 29, hubby decorated a cake that said, "29 = 30 -1." Ha ha. Very funny, little man.