Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let's play catchup!

Ah little Lottie! She had her 2nd jabs on Saturday, so can go for a walk this weekend, her lead training is underway around the house. She has grown some - loves her grub and tea! Conkers has duffed her up and she is way more wary of him now (she was allowed to torment the cat at the breeders home - so we wanted her to get a kitty towsing to learn her place). Loobles is still grumpy - but walking them together will help and they are slowly being calmer around each other. Lottie can now sit, shake paws, take tidbits gently and is learning wait and down - she's a joy to train!

Hmmmm very little knitting. The above and below are a new sock design for a clog sock - very pretty IRL with a lace heels and little flower clusters on the leg and insteps. Yarn is CTH in 'peacock' colourway. 2nd sock is underway - but the colour is so dark I can't knit it at night and have little time for daytime knitting right now! 2nd pair of socks posted on SAM5 -
Other stuff.
J has now read (one after another) the complete Harry Potter series - he's listening (again) to number 1 on his Ipod. He's now started on 'Northen Lights' by Phillip Pullman - but there have been lots of days out, playing with friends and cousins and the puppy - so a few distractions! He is coming along in leaps and bounds with his maths, we have well and truly cracked fractions - only multiplying/dividing of them left to cover, he's got head around decimals and percentages too - I am impressed with hard he has been trying. This week he's been looking at Newton's Three Laws and Gravity and Relativity - good thing M understands all this science stuff!
We are looking to taking him to the local archery club as well as he has tried it at C-parcs everytime we've gone and really has a knack for it. He's still swimming every week too and last week expressed a desire to learn to snowboard (he needs to grow a bit 1st) - we are avid watchers of Ski Sunday and J is well taken with the idea of a snow holiday next year!!
We have been out and about a lot - lots of exciting fun stuff. Lots of art and making models with Sculpey - so very busy.
I am reading Neil Gaiman's - 'Stardust' ooooo I love his lyricism, really good story telling - am totally hooked and have asked for more of his books for my birthday later this month.


Jo said...

I loved Stardust, Coraline, and Anansi Boys, just finished American Gods, which was quite long and not as enjoyable as the others,love the colour of the peacock socks, it's gorgeous!

glittrgirl said...

Loving those socks!
Loving that puppy!