Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just a quickie

The Mistress of all that is Glittry, groomed and delicious (found here http://www.glittyknittykitty.co.uk/) sent me a birthday present - skull stitch markers made from bone! I love them.
I may end up putting them onto small sleeper earrings and wearing them - the red crystal beads really catch the light and are so pretty. Thank Glittrgirl ((hugs)).

M bought me a new clarinet. My existing one, is beautiful but old and in need of repair, which would cost soooooo much £ (it is an antique and is real ebony) the extent of work it needs means that it has been beyond playing for a long time and I've missed it. I started to learn when I was 10, played seriously for 6 years, messed about with it on and off for 4 years then abandoned it when I got married - around 20+ years ago. So after mentioning to M how I missed playing music he decided to buy me a replacement and guess what?? I can still play quite well - am a bit rusty remembering all the fingering and my sight reading needs a bit of work - but I am loving it.

Today J had his first music reading lesson (it's helping me to remember) he then asked could he play the clarinet, so I gave him a lesson - he did really well and has asked for another tomorrow - move over Squidward!

Am still very busy, don't know where the days go. Have hardly touched my new laptop - let alone install the software I've got for it, no spinning, little knitting and a smidge of reading - time is whizzing by - I'm loving it all.

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