Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jollification abounds.

Mainly due to this - isn't it beautiful? It is wonderful and I am loving spinning it. Yesterday I afternoon, whilst playing catch-up on 'The Belle of the Ball' podcast (which incidentally I love) I spun for over an hour and it was bliss. The quality of this BFL is so good, there is literally no waste and no slubs - love it! I have a quiet day today and intend to listen to more of Sherrill and get even more spinning done.
I know you get lots of sleepy Lottie shots - but this one really shows that she is more dog less puppy shaped now - she's 16 weeks old. And M thought it was funny that she had Chirpy the mouse (cat toy she stole from Conkers on her 1st day here) on her head. The toy is meant to squeak like a mouse but it chirps like a bird, hence the name. She has chewed it so much it kind of gurgles a bit now.

**********SPIDERS AHEAD - BEWARE - if you don't like them scroll no further***

Doris, who was Boris, normally webs up behind her log but for the 1st time ever has webbed above it. Here she is mistily enshrouded in her lair. She is an arboreal spider so her web is dense and tubular - reminds me of a hammock. It is so strong and dense it is like a fabric. She doesn't often feed in her web and she hunts her food so it's not used to trap prey, it is her home or retreat. She anchors it with what look like little webby feet, just at the front there are 12 anchor points - truly an amazing feat of build and design.
Tiny hasn't moulted for a while but is now probably the chunkiest spider (still an unsexed juvenile) - Humbug and Coleman's are longer legged and more spindly - this dude is one solid spider. He (for the ease of label until I'm sure they are all 'he') was washing his feet when I took this picture - quite a labour intensive task for spider.

Now my morning chores await me - J is ensconced with baking clay in the kitchen - all his other stuff is already done *gasp* amazing what he can do when he's in the mood - plus he offered to hoover for me (got to love him). He think if he looks busy I won't get him to help M clear out the garage later - yesterday they found mice in there - we often get them they love next doors aviaries - also he found a massive black spider and shrieked - weird for a boy who's family keep tarantulas! Then he dropped M's case of screws - and the organised 100's of them became disorganised and J became unpopular - maybe today I'll suggest M works alone ;-D

(I did sort out all the screws for M, only took a hour - I love jobs like that!)

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glittrgirl said...

Want. Puppy. Now. She looks SO much like Tuppence did it's untrue!