Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whoosh, boing, zip and plop!

Inscrutable as ever, Conkers in repose after beating up on Lottie, which was the main recreation of his Easter. He loves it, he comes in looking for her and then gives her boxing. He's such a lovely gentle cat normally - he's just not too keen on Border Terriers right now.
The whoosh, boing, zip of the weekend belong solely to Lottie - here she is exhausted late last night (she was yipping and snoring). She has spent much of the weekend learning to be better friends with Loobles, general pigbatting around, getting used to her car harness and going for long walks with Loobles and cousin Ruby (sil's Border pup). Sadly she must have a day at home today as she cut her paw yesterday and then got salt from the pavement in the cut - so we need to let that heal a bit.
The plop belongs to Lou-Lou aka Loobles. Oh dear, the de-tox fortnight the vet set for her liver disease has had a disastrous effect on her bum and our bedroom carpet - 3 nights in a row - no wonder I'm so tired. The vet today has given her an antibiotic shot, she's on starvation for 24 hours and then we are to gradually introduce a new liver friendly, vet recommended, no doubt expensive food - but she's worth it. Poor girl, she's always been such a clean lass, she couldn't help it - but boy am I glad we hadn't yet started reflooring the bedroom.

As for the rest of us Easter was busy, cousins playing and meeting us for walks, jobs getting completed, lovely meals - we both cooked this weekend, M giving me time to rest (re shingle recovery) and also I managed to spin quite a bit and knit a little. Twas good on the whole.

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