Monday, March 10, 2008

Tis a tad draughty.

No pictures today as blogger has a brain fart.

It was really windy here early this morning, around 5.00am it woke me up. Now part of that is the downside of an attic bedroom, but that said, it was one of fiercest winds I have heard in a long time. I have still have nightmares about the storm in 1987, not just because we lived on the seafront part of town then, but also from working in the insurance industry at the time. It was horrific seeing/hearing the losses people suffered. All we lost this morning was a fairly ancient greenhouse, the bird table flew to the top part of the garden, a large rose that grows up though a tree collapsed and the conservatory leaked......again! All pretty minor stuff. We now have a lull until the winds are meant to pick up again later.

Apart from the winds, I had a wonderful weekend. We got up early on Saturday and went to Shoreham Farmers Market - spent too much as usual - venison and red wine sausages, a pheasant for Sunday dinner, organic white bread, goats cheese, Woody's Mango and Cranberry Chutney, a massive carrier bag of local grown curly kale, local crystallised ginger for J and some wonderful local lavender oil.

The pheasant was lovely, M cooked it to perfection with game chips, the chutney and loads of the kale just lightly steamed - beautiful.

The rest of weekend was spent with doing family stuff, a bit more shopping - boring stuff like shoes and slippers for J, lovely walks with the dogs and just being together. J and I enjoyed watching Crufts, it is so nice to see all the unusual breeds and we looked out for Dalmatians and Border Terriers.

Speaking of which Lottie went to the vet for a check up today (4 wks since her final jabs) she is fine and the vet is happy with her progress. He didn't comment on the scabs on her head from all the rough and tumble with Conkers - the cat appears to relish beating her up (he is fairly gentle) she thinks it is a great game. Sadly though Loobles is not too well - she's been poorly on and off for a bit and had a blood test last week - it's not serious, mostly down to her advanced years - but she has liver disease and is now on a two week de-tox, then she'll be reassessed and the vet will decide what to do from there - probably meds for the rest of her life - I don't mind I just want her to be well and happy.

Now I must get on with my day - I have a really busy couple of weeks ahead of me - so sorry it posts are a bit few and far between for a while. I'll try and get those pictures up later :-)

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