Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a week

Another late yarn Pr0N entry - more lovely Colinette Jitterbug this time in Raphael. Drift wood was fished out of the Kennet Avon Canal about 7/8 years ago in the spot where our long boat hit a submerged tree branch and almost capsized - very scary. M broke off the wood, bought it home and treated it - a beautiful souvenir of a very shit holiday!
Lottie - M says her eyes look like elephant eyes - so one of her nicknames (she has many - the favourite being 'Pigbat Monkey Dog') is Nellie. She and Conkers are still at war - Loobles is directing the conflict from afar - I know they will all find their own level and settle down but not until Lottie is calmer - when she is calmer then the house is calm.

As for everything else - busy, busy, busy! New shower walkin ordered, new basin ordered, measuring all done to get flooring and new gate bought and being assembled as I type.

New hair do....check! Very radical - no photo's as I hate having my picture taken, but it is very (and I mean very) short and very blonde!

New car purchased.......check! Yay - should be delivered by Wednesday - so just in time for Easter Break. Our ole jalopy needed to go - we love it dearly and it's been a totally fantastic car but it really was getting over the hill - big time.

J has a new hair cut too - he looks so grown up. He has reached his home-ed target that we agreed in October and is due a big reward, just need to decide what. He has been working so hard and well - I am a proud Mum.

Have another really busy week ahead - it's good, my agoraphobia is lessened at the moment so I am making hay whilst the sun shines. No knitting to speak of and still no spinning :( but I will have some quieter time soon so maybe then.


Jo said...

and some fibre to spin, I promise, it will be in the post this week! what hair as short as mine? Wish I had time to pop over and see you!

Annie said...

Want to see the hairdo - now, please!

Anonymous said...

SHOW THE HAIR BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!