Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Squooshy and pretty

In February I won a blog contest *wheeee* at http://freestylefibre.blogspot.com/. The wonderful and talented Jo offered me a choice of her wonderful hand dyed fibre. They were all so pretty, I couldn't choose so I told her which ones I favoured and left the final choice to her. Today they arrived - the top one reminds me of apples in autumn and suits my recent switch to an autumnal colour palette. The prize was for one skein of loveliness but Jo in her infinite generosity sent me two *double wheeeee*.
This is the 2nd one - full of red wine, claret and port tones - perfect choice for me. The fibre is so soft and has given me the boot rear I need to spin - I am going to clear the decks for Easter and hopefully get in an afternoons spinning.

Finally - hair today, gone tomorrow. I can't get a good picture of my barnet raid - below is the best of a very bad bunch. The electric light and flash has made it far redder than it is. The colour is a short term transition as I don't mind growing out hair and having dark roots with blonde whereas I hate having red tones (my normal colour) with dark/grey roots, so I got a bleach job so I could (attempt) to grow out all the colour and to see just how bad the grey is now. I've not seen my natural hair colour since I was around 12/13. The short cut also will enable the colour to come out quick as I will get it cut back every 4 weeks or so till all the colour is gone.

The disguise is because I 'do' really hate my photograph being taken and I 'do' photograph terribly - plus I thought it was funny.

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glittrgirl said...

Great hair!

You look like you are auditioning to be a knitted terrorist....... :P