Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Animal relations

My SiL has taken on two new rescue kitties. Above is the Rt Hon Merlin. He's about 1 year old, very friendly with soft silky fur and a gentle purr.
This is the shy but friendly Miss Kitty, she is the size of a 6 month old kitten but is actually 3 years old. She spent most of the evening under a table but seemed to like M, she gave his hand a severe washing.
One of their two original kitties - this is the tiggerish Mr Boy, he is soooooo slinky. Rosie his sister was AWOL.
And of course this gallery would not be complete without a bit of border love - here's the Rubster.


Anonymous said...

SUCH adorable kitties!! Glad they've gone to a good home - bless :-)

Beelindi x

Helen said...

oh, that Miss Kitty is sweeeet! I love her.

We have a one bed. apt. (flat ;) ) which means one kitty. As soon as we move someplace bigger, we're getting another.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pets, what does "Rosie" look like?? I bet she's a totoiseshell??
Only cos mine called that!!

Anonymous said...

Cats are my favorite. I'm planning to be a crazy old cat lady one day.