Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thoughts from an addlepatted brain.

I get wistful at this time of year. Perhaps it is linked to past events that have occurred or perhaps it is a kind of late summer melancholy, who knows.

I always miss my Da, it would be his 71st birthday later this week - it is so long now since we lost him - but in August the pain often feels as real as it did when he first died. I get a little sadness here and there, it passes and I learn from it. But the one thing that always sticks in my head when I feel like this, is the messiness in families, or at least in my extended family. My MIL's death just over a year ago, tore M's family assunder and they are now splintered and at this time it feels it is beyond repair. Messy, messy business. Why do we have to bicker, fester, pick at the scabs of past behaviour? Why is it so hard to let it go and move on and past the hurt?

They say time is great healer (who are they?). Whoever they are, they lie!

Tomorrow will be better. Today I am sad. Yesterday still festers in my head.


Kim Green said...

I know how you feel. I miss him terribly too. Especially at this time of year as you know. My thoughts are with you today. Hopefully we will cheer up soon.

Take Care

Big Sis X

DeltaDawn said...

"They" dont' know squat, do "they?" Sending warm energies your way....

Jo said...

{hugs} thinking of you, warmest wishes, sweetie x