Friday, August 01, 2008


xyz 004
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Although this week I haven't had a chance to spin, I thought I'd show my progress so far with Merino/silk mix bought at the Rare Breeds Show the other week. I think is so pretty - it has the colours of a stormy winter sea about it, when the rough waves churn the water to all the shades of jade and deep green and the sky is leaden.


glittrgirl said...

That colour is GORGEOUS!

pieandsunshine said...

oh it's so lovely! that's the same stuff I got - am trying to spin some laceweight with it on my new spindle but getting a bit frustrated so it only gets played with now and then!

Kim Green said...

I agree with the description of the colour compared with a choppy winter sea. Very apt. Absolutely gorgeous.

Big Sis X