Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Are we there yet?


OMG what a mountainous task J's room is turning into. Will I ever climb to the summit and emerge the other side, a little dusty and more wise? At this juncture it seems unlikely.

Everything is purchased (except the window dressing), the floor is finally laid - it has taken 4 whole days of effort, not helped by M getting laid low by a 24 hour bug. We are planning to try and finish it completely over the weekend, however, late yesterday afternoon I started to feel really ill and thought I had either the onset of a summer cold or an ear infection (I am prone to these - due to my rhinitis). I feel a bit grotty this morning still and now think I have the same bug that M had - ugh! The best laid plans etc. I intend to take it easy today and hope it passes as swiftly as M's did - fingers crossed. I had intended to start clearing his room of some of the surfeit of plastic crap he has collected today - but I may have to delay this horrid task to later. It will be battle royal to part the lil beastie from his precious plastic crud may come in useful one day.

It will be a job well done when it's completed and it did need to be done, but I do so hate decorating and even more so in J's pit of doom.

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Anonymous said...

ah decorating, one of those things that seems like such a good idea before you get started... ;P
sorry to hear about the bug - hope you're feeling better soon!