Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's been a hard days night..

or rather a hard mornings play, so by 10am she's flaked out. That's the life.
Finished sock 1 of my Spring Forward socks last night, just about to cast on for number 2. I started this on Tuesday so a nice quick knit. Yarn is Lorna's Laces S & S in colourway - Vera. I changed the heel - cos I hate heel flaps and gussets.
Cast on for this yesterday afternoon - The February Lady Sweater by Pamela Wynne at it's also on Ravelry as a free pdf download. Am using Sirdar Sublime Cashmerino Aran in a coffee colour and 5mm needles. Nice knit so far, didn't get very far as had guests last night and was talking instead of knitting!

It's being a weird week - family stuff an all. Still got probate going on - my MIL died a year ago this week and today would have been her birthday. It all feels a little strange because we still haven't really had closure, we still have to deal with her stuff and talk about events etc too much, time to heal hasn't really started yet - bizarre.

I am sure this will pass eventually and just looking across the room at Lottie laying splayed out on her back, snoring is enough to lift my mood and make me smile again.

Got a busy few days, so probably won't post again till next week - so have a good weekend.


Jo said...

That Feb Lady Sweater keeps calling, but the only yarn I have that would do it doesn't inspire, great sock! have a good weekend!

Maggie said...

Heading for similar anniversary - Dad's birthday 21 July, he died on 29th.

At least we got probate on his estate, we're still waiting on Mum's (she died 13 September, just 5 days before what would have been their Diamond Wedding if Dad had lived a little longer).

Keep yer chin up! ;-) That's what we have been trying to do. Though it looks as if the end may be in sight for us, but I'll believe it when (if!) it happens.

Will be thinking of you.

Hugs from grey Liverpool