Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Socks of despair and doom

A friend (who knits but doesn't get the time to knit socks) asked me to use her yarn to make her some socks - I, who adore making socks, needed no excuse to readily agree. The yarn she proffered included some Regia which I've knitted with loads and some Tofutsies. I've never knitted Tofutsies so decided to use that. Why? Why did I choose that? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

I also decided as it was quite fine, pink and cream with a lovely shimmer that lace socks were the way to go. I wanted to guinea pig a pattern I hadn't got around to knitting for myself - got the needles and cast on......................why?

Nothing wrong with the pattern (the heel flap sucked - but I hate heel flaps - will make next pair with a different heel) - but the yarn OMG I hate to bad mouth stuff, but...never again.

It is splitty - didn't matter whether I used wood or metal dpns - it split. It has NO give, hence my disgust with heel flap.

Sock 1, I whizzed through it - to get it over and done with. Sock 2 has languished, I kept putting off finishing it. Yay - I have putitoffitis. Yesterday I had a sicky migraine and felt all languid etc so I loaded P&P on DVD into the laptop, shut myself in the bedroom and finished the damn sock. They are done. They are pretty and I really hope she likes them - but I will never, ever knit with that stuff (it doesn't deserve the title 'yarn') again.

Pattern - Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn. A. Clark - in 'Favourite Socks' with lace cuff.

Size - UK 4

Yarn - SWTC Tofutsies

Needles - 2.25mm dpns - KnitPicks Harmony

Relief factor at finishing - 200%

Back to my luscious, lovely, knittable Lorna's Laces Shepherd & Sock for the next pair.

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sandykins57 said...

That's funny, I didn't like TOFUtsies at first, but it didn't take long until the splitting stopped happening and I fell in love with the yarn. It was the recommended yarn for Sock War III and I have knit one full pair and two partial pairs of socks out of it.