Saturday, July 05, 2008

I went shopping and I bought...

538g of Sari Silk from Shabby Cottage - two different colours, destined to become a bag. I am thinking about adjusting the Torvesta bag from Cornelia Tuttle-Hamilton's Book 2 - I love that pattern and two Torvesta are not enough.

I also bought lots of L'Occitane goodies - Green Tea perfume and body gel and my favourite apple/almond oil cleanser and toner. J bought a lucky Chinese cat (right handed) and a SpongeBob to add to the growing throng that live in his bedroom, he's still spending birthday money, M bought some new piercing jewellery from Wildcat - so a good little spree for us all.

I used to love playing 'I went to London and bought...' when I was a kid - so hence the title.

Now a bit of time travelling *imagine tardis-type noises*...........

Yesterday I met up with a lovely bunch of local knitting ladies for a knit in the park, nice nibbles, good company, lovely weather and knitting - what a perfect combo. Looking forward to the next one, with or without safari kit and pith helmet.

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SiressYorkie said...

I like the "On the Way to London.." start with A and work your way through the alphabet.

My best friend and I played that whilst driving to London one day...I shall not list the words we used (it was really hot, and we got lost a lot).