Friday, July 11, 2008

A bit of a round-up.

Some spinning, not as much as I planned, the week got away from me and I decided to have a mega dust-polishathon yesterday (though you'd never believe...kid....hubby...pets they all make mess).
I did finish my no-purl Monkey socks (adaption from Cookie A's knitty pattern) and I tried to model them but as this picture shows I had help.
So here is a boring sock blocker picture. KnitPicks Felice, colour Mixed Berries (courtesy of Yorkshire Gal) size 5 UK foot, knit on 2.75mm dpns - for me :-D they are so pretty.
I needed a pick me up - I've been in the doldrums. So I bought me some goodies from Socktopus - I love that shop. It came this morning, beautifully wrapped - it was like getting a present more than a delivery. The book is Cat Bordhi's 'New Pathways for Sock Knitters - book 1'. I have long coveted this book and intend to immerse my brain in it very soon. I also got some yarn wash and a sheepie tape, but the yarn.......
Handmaiden Casbah in Midnight and Origin - OMG so squooshy, so soft, such vivid colours - it needs much petting it is luverly.

Got a quiet weekend planned I have the period from hell, M is on call and we have 'stuff' to get sorted before the massive overhaul of J's bedroom - planned for 2 weekends time - it is a massive overhaul too - new floor, furniture, window dressing, paintwork - the whole kit and kaboodle, J has mixed feelings about loosing 'the J-Enterprise' (his room is like the inside of a space ship) but it was done 5 years ago and is in dire need of redoing. Plus there is a damp smell that has got worse in his room which we need to investigate too - so stripping it out is the only

Have a good weekend.


turtlegirl76 said...

The socks look fun! Great job on the Monkeys. I'm loving that Handmaiden though.

Kim Green said...

I "covet" those socks!! They are just my colour!! Go on you know you want to give them to me. tee hee

Love Big Sis X

Jo said...

swooon, that handmaiden is gorgeous!

SiressYorkie said...

Wow, that Felice worked up even more beautifully than I thought. Good on ya for making it so pretty.

Overhauling a bedroom...yargh. I'm in the throes of Packing Hell, and I'd STILL rather be doing that then completely reworking a bedroom.

But think how nice it'll be once it's done. I bet J will love his new grown up room and feel more important about life.

Anonymous said...

Casbah is a dream to knit with.