Thursday, July 03, 2008

Wet, hypnotic zombie dog warning!!

"Look into my eyes, you cannot see the muddy paw prints all over the hard floor, you will not throw my wet, muddy body from your warm lap. You WILL go back into the garden and put the hose back in my paddling pool.....even though it is dark. You will feel compelled to feed me some of those new dog biscuits in the WILL let me rule you!"

Lottie has 3 pools now. A small baby round paddler that was J's first pool when he was about 1, J's old baby bath and a plastic cement mixing tray, she will happily sploosh about in them for hours, interspersed with chasing Loobles, frog hunting and stalking the guinea pig.

Today is gorgeous, clear blue for miles and crisp breeze straight off the sea - you can smell the tang. Although rain is forecast for later, right at this minute it is wonderful. I have some free time today as J has abandoned me :-( in favour of the latest Percy Jackson book - I don't mind really, in fact I love the way he will take himself off somewhere with a book and only resurface at feeding time or when he's finished it.....reminds me of me at that age!

So I'm off to read 'Mary-Jane's Farm Wisdom' which the postie has just delivered and to get some knitting done.

Have a lovely day!

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Wibbo said...

That's a great photo! Hope the weather is as nice as this tomorrow....