Monday, July 28, 2008

I think Leroy has a problem!

This is what I walked into this morning. I was shocked!
A whole bottle of Glenfiddich and another of Bushmills in one night, can't be good for an old bears constitution. He is now back on he bear shelf with an ice pack,a dose of paracetamol and a large hangover, serves him right.

I have collected bears for years (though I don't add to the collection that much these days) and Leroy Brown by Barbara-Ann Bears is one of my most favourites. His saggy, grumpy demeanour calls to me, as like calls to like. He has a face full of character and when J was little Leroy was a favourite comforter after bad dreams and he and I used to make up loads of silly stories about Leroy's degenerate life style - J was convinced Leroy really did get up and night and drink from the Brandy bottle and steal honey from the cupboard.

Decorating continues very slowly - we found the source of the awful damp smell that had appeared in J's room, however this has ledto more work than we first envisaged, so as it stands half of J's room is in the hall, he has no flooring and we still have a massive decorating mountain to climb.

Knitting - I vow never to knit a lacy sock whilst watching a Tour time trial again - I fucked it so bad I had to rip it out to the rib...gaaaaaahhhhhhh! Therefore knitting progress tis weekend = nil. I did crochet about 4 more repeats to the Boteh I am making though.

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