Sunday, July 27, 2008

Incy-wincy spider......

climbed up the glass tank door.. Not really Incy-wincy but Tiny who completed a secret moult under its log this week - look at its booty!
I posted this one so you can see its size in comparison to its tank, definitely getting bigger.
Fangs a lot for the close up Tiny.
And now to introduce Marmite our latest tarantula recruit who is a Brown Birdeater and at the moment could just about fit on a £2 coin, can find out very little about this type other than it is (as far as I can discover) a new world tarantula and should grow to quite a size. It is already a voracious hunter and stalks its dinner in a very determined manner.

Colemans (the Chaco Mustard Brown Tarantula) has shuffled off this mortal coil - he was the youngest of the lot - I hate to watch them die - it takes so long and I have decided next I will take steps about this. Doris is webbing for England, she has tunnels and hammocks all around the top of her tank. Humbug, the other male who was much older than Colemans, is skinny but still going strong.

I can't wait to confirm what sex Tiny is - I need to retrieve its moult - *knees knocking* it is not an easy tarantula to get around. I am not sure if its still juvenile or if this is its final moult and if it is I thinks it may be a she *fingers crossed*.

I know, enough already about the spiders.....knitting content etc on next post.....promise.

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Jo said...

I actually enjoy hearing about your spiders just as much as your knitting and spinning, so no worries !