Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dirty stopout & other stories.

Yes he's home and reunited with his duck. 1.30am he came slinking back. M had camped out in the conservatory to make sure Kittybonkbonk didn't whizz straight off again. He ate loads and crashed out. He's basically been asleep since. Now we have to decide, in the light of his repeated escapes, whether to persevere with him being a house kitty or to see if he'd like to be able to go in the garden.....not an easy choice to make with his history.
Finally the girlies have made peace and are now beddy buddies. Over the last week or so they have calmed down (or Lottie has calmed and Loobles is less grumpy due to this) and started to want to be together. This photo was taken yesterday - they spent 2 hours like this. I am happy.
You Animal! M bought me this to cheer me up after such a shitty start to the week (don't even ask about the shit I went through on Monday) I've always loved Animal. Isn't he great?
Fibre bought at the rare breeds show - 500g merino/silk in blues and greens - so soft, so pretty.
I've been crocheting this week - love these carnation squares all made from sock leftover Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock - I know there is Vera, Water Colour, Irving Park, Huron, Devon and I think Neon, pretty I think. don't know what they will become but I'll carry on till I run out of yarn.

Finally, got myself a funky-do today - Yay Simon Rules OK! No photo's - cos I photo like a pigs bum - but it is funky.


pieandsunshine said...

aww so glad your wanderer returned. cats are little buggers for putting you through it sometimes. and that merino/silk looks very familiar... ;P

glittrgirl said...

Phew he's back! Glad the girls are making their peace too. Is the new do long/short? Coloured? Big/sleek? Curly/straight? We needs to know!