Monday, July 07, 2008

Wet and windy

Most of yesterday and so far today - but in my book anything is better than hot and sticky.

It was a busy weekend interspersed with little pockets of peace and quiet.

I finished the back (finally) of the flutter sleeved cardigan - I hate st-st, I get so bored, but I settled down to finish my current audio book and although I dozed off once, I managed to castoff 1 chapter into a new audio book - so not too bad.

I also finished 'American Gods' - love it - what a fantastic book. Last night I started 'Fragile Things' but didn't get very far because for once there was TV on that I wanted to watch virtually from 7-11 - unheard of. I just need to get a copy of 'Smoke and Mirrors' and then I will have read the lot - but every time I go to Borders/Waterstones they don't have it in, will have to resort to Amazon I suppose.

M had his cooking head on this weekend - he made so many wonderful dishes - I was spoilt for choice, I love being married to a kitchen genius.

Saturday was Conkers McBonkers 3rd birthday - he spent it asleep, all day and most of the evening, in the suede beanbag.

J and I are looking at philosophy at the moment, we finished up Socrates this morning, it's been enlightening to see how he reasons stuff out - he is far more cluey than I give him credit for sometimes.

Right, am off to finish my chores, then to spin.

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Batty said...

Yay, knitting progress!
I didn't like American Gods very much, but I'm a sucker for the Sandman series. Beautiful, beautiful graphic novels.