Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Unleashing the inner farmgirl...whoosh..pop!

Here she is!

I have been wasting time (there's honesty for you) on Plurk and got to reading a post by Miss V about being a farmgirl, it sounded so up my street that I signed up. It's kind of based on this woman's ideas and the blog about can be found here -

I already have a veggie patch out back, would love an allotment but they are like hens teeth round here. I shop as free range/organically as I can, using the local farm shops and farmers markets. We grow fresh herbs as well as tatties and other veg. And we compost and recycle too. I was already inspired after reading 'Off The Grid' so this compliments some of the ideas.

I love to bake (M does the proper cooking on a daily basis) but I bake bread, cakes, soups and stews and this year intend to make preserves and pickles as well.

I have to admit to not wearing an apron - I do own one but it languishes in the draw the most I do is wrap a tea towel round me waste (a large one at that!!). I do have some homey old fashioned ideas - e.g I prefer loose tea, brewed in a teapot and served in bone china - doesn't really suit my image (lol) but I'm a fusspot.

I like a tidy, if a little chaotic, home - pets and boys cause most of the chaos!

I also love to make stuff - I knit etc (doh) but I also sew, do needlepoint, tapestry, spin and weave.

But I wanna do here I am ready to embrace inner farmgirlishness with gusto and glee!


Cheeky Red Head said...

Nice to meet another farmgirl sister.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peri ~Nice to meet you! Hooray for the farmgirls! Your scones look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Those scones up top look yummy!!

Soup is one thing I've never attempted (my mother tried... and it never had any flavour so I don't bother).