Thursday, August 07, 2008

Oh the relief...

J's room is finished!

It has taken 2 weeks of slog. Problem one was the underlay had never been replaced so it had perished and stuck to the Marley tiles, it was also riddled with damp and black mold. It was a job and a half just to remove the underlay, treat the Marley tiles, which were so brittle they started to break, so we ended up with levelling the floor before laying the new one. The damp had spread into the furniture so we treated all the walls too, just in case. Then we had to paint out the murals (previous decor was the inside of a spaceship, all gunmetal grey, silver and black). Finally we could start the new painting - this Monday, gloss paint and start building all the new furniture Tuesday - 5 pieces of new stuff. Yesterday we had to go out, but finished the furniture and then started the mammoth task of sorting through all the crap, old broken toys etc. We finished that off today (took me from 10am to 5pm - with an hour for lunch). Finally we put back the shelves, put in the new TV etc, put back the clock and et voila. All that is left is new dressings for the windows, at the moment I've washed and pressed the old ones until I decide what to do, and to get some new bedding. Cost so far £450 approx. A job well jobbed, but I am soooooo happy to be finished.

Next to do, our bathroom, bedroom, hall and stairs and lastly our sitting room - not much then!

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glittrgirl said...

Lucky J! It looks great!