Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A little bit of this & a little bit of that.

I've had a really lovely bank holiday weekend.

Saturday I went with some other ladies to another knitters house for an afternoon tea party in her garden, complete with 'retro' food on sticks, which was lovely. So nice to sit out, with good company and knit. The time flew by. (And I think she was so lucky with the weather - compared to the rest of the weekend).

The flowers are from M - aren't they lovely. I do so love to be given flowers for no reason.

I made a little progress on my 'Tilly' scarf (pattern in 'A Fine Fleece' by Lisa Lloyd). I am using Manos silk blend and a 3.75mm needle. I love to knit cables and this one is interesting enough that I don't get bored and also doesn't fry my noodle.

I also finished the left front on the 'Flutter Sleeve Cardigan' and knit up about 4" of the KSH stole I making from 'Victorian Lace Today'.

Not the best picture but the bobbin is getting fatter and fatter - I hope to add to this later today but M's purchase of a Nintendo Wii over the weekend may put paid to that as I am already addicted to playing tennis on Wii Sports - my arm aches to prove it!

I've had complaints about not warning of upcoming spider pictures so for the wossey ;-) amongst you...

BEWARE SPIDER PICTURE BELOW!!!!!!! Is that better?

Our wee baby spider Marmite moulted over the weekend. In the picture (which is a bit blurry - sorry) you can see his shed body, upside down next to him. The new body is much darker on the abdomen and legs,and very velvety looking, his head is a goldy beige colour. He had double in size. He is the first of our spiders to moult completely out in the open - it was amazing to watch.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warning!! I have covered it with this comments window over its head so that I can actually reply ;P
Love the way that merino/silk is spinning up - such lovely colours, must get on with mine!