Monday, January 12, 2009

Back to black.

Not just my wardrobe this time but my hair as well! It's been ages since I had black hair and the wonderful Simon had this amazing blue/black and the rest, as they say is history. I've also changed the cut (again) I loved my bob but it is sooooo normal, nothing wrong with that, but I am easily bored. So now I look a bit like a 'Human League' reject - a tad retro - but what the heck.

Life is chugging along, fairly quiet and normal. Am spending a lot of time reading (I adore the Nintendo DS, 1oo Classic books) I can't stop reading the Sherlock Holmes volumes, in fact I've got so into them I just ordered a couple more on Amazon, they'll be perfect to take away with us this weekend.

Finished my Jacques hat over the weekend and have enough yarn left to make mittens, so cast on for them last night.

My Nana is getting better, still in hospital but more like her normal venomous self - it runs in the family, this poisonous tongue - I think my sister and I have escaped the curse but it may surface as we age.

I have a quiet day planned today - J is busy, M's at work and I have the once a month 'blahs' so I don't intend to stir far - a quick Lottie walk and that's it - I feel another delve into 'The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes' coming on.

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Allie said...

Photo please! Sounds exciting!