Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flutter Sleeve Cardigan

This pattern is by Pam Allen and featured in Spring 08 Interweave Knits. I started in May last year and finally finished it today. It took 6 balls of Sublime Super Fine Merino and I knit the middle size.
Detailing on arm cuff (which does need blocking) the rest was blocked before sewing but this bit has to be done after and at 11.00pm last night I couldn't be asked and today I just wanted to get the seaming done.
Love the ceramic heart buttons though.

Did I enjoy making it? To be honest - No. Why? The shaping is great - love the S/row on the waist, the rest is a very boring knit and the moss st borders are endless, mind numbingly so! The button hole method also (IMHO) leaves much to be desired - I found it too messy with too many ends - I doubt I would make it again but if I did I would use a different button hole technique.
Do I like it now it's made? Not really. It may grow on me, it fits fine, but I don't like the way it flares at the bottom and it isn't very flattering over the 'ole ample booty'. I'll leave it to fester for while and look at it again in the spring - if I still feel the same it will be passed on or frogged!
Still it's one to be knocked of the 'to finish' pile - which is what I am determined to whittle down this year before starting anything new (other than socks - they don't count). I have 5.5 balls left of the yarn as well - so they may come is handy - hats/scarfs etc.


Batty said...

Boring to knit maybe, but very cute!

turtlegirl76 said...

I agree with Batty! It's cute! I can't believe it only took 6 balls. That's awesome. I wish you liked it better!

Jo said...

Lovely colour, sure it would suit you too! Love the buttons!

Kim Green said...

Soooo peeerrty!!! I like the heart buttons too, very cute. I think the colour would suit you really well as I know you like dusky muted tones and the blue will go with your eyes! Love the pattern but don't know if I could knit it if it is boring to do with all that moss stitch, I don't mind the ole st st for a change but find knitting bigs things like that a bit of a chore. Speak soon. Take care. Big Sis xx

SiressYorkie said...

I agree. I think you need to be buttless to pull that look off. Alas.

Excellent knitting job, though, and I bet the yarn feels lovely.