Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I have cleared a mountain of chores and laundry - that's the fun stuff done!

Entered our data to the RSPB for the Big Garden Birdwatch - which we took part in over the weekend. I am a secret birdwatcher (have been for a long time) right now I can hear a Magpie chattering away outside the window - I can and often do spend too much time watching the birdies......perhaps I caught it from Conkers?

Made tomato and herb bread- from scratch. Have recently re-discovered the joys of my breadmaker. Yesterday I made a sweet sandwich loaf - which we had toasted with jam and marmalade for breakfast today and the rest is destined to become M's favourite pudding....bread and butter.

I have chased a litter terrier all round the place to catch it so it will go 'out' for wee-wees - she's such a stubborn moo. Groomed both dogs and Conkers.

Caught up on my blog reading.

Done 30 mins of yoga.

Made lunch.

Finished this months household accounts.

Researched something that I'd been meaning to look at for weeks online.

Now I have an hour or so (fingers crossed) till I plan to walk the dogs so it's time for some knitting. What's the betting I manage 2 rows before something - child/animal/hubby related requires my attention?

*** 2 rows before M got in, 2 more after making coffee before the dogs needed to go out and 3 rows before J needed me - 7 rows!

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