Tuesday, January 13, 2009


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Sadly Humbug, the Brazilian Black and White Tarantula died last night. He was the first tarantula we had from a spiderling and was smaller than a 20p when we first got him.

Like all male tarantulas his life was fairly brief (we had him about 4 years) and most likely frustrating, tramping about on the look out for a lady friend.

J was sad as he named him, a good name for a pet with black and white stripey legs.

We are now down to 3 eight legged friends now - Doris, Tiny and Marmite. I don't plan to buy any others at the moment unless something comes up that I can't resist.


Jo said...

Sorry to hear about humbug!
stop teaing us by talking about new hair, and show us a photo willYA! I need some excitement in the gloom!

Trillian42 said...

Aw... poor Humbug. He was a very handsome spider, though.

Batty said...

Oh no, sorry he's gone! Humbug was a really handsome tarantula. Very nice markings on the legs.

DeltaDawn said...

RIP Humbug - and shazam - what a spider you were!

SiressYorkie said...

Awwwww...poor Peril and poor Humbug. Very lovely spider, as spiders go.

Did you bury him out back??