Friday, January 09, 2009

Jacques and Tilly

I cast on for this yesterday. The Jacques Cousteau Hat by kasilla tekemisen terapiaa - Ravelry link . It's an easy knit perfect for T.V or movie knitting or just something light.
The hat is to go with my Tilly scarf (see previous posts for where the pattern comes from etc) which I finally got around to finishing. Knit on 3.75mm needles using Manos silk/wool. I made it slightly shorter than the pattern calls for - because personally, I prefer a shorter scarf inside my jacket.

This is another nice knit, great pattern but as usual cables kill my hands and wrists. I don't know why but any cable is always a slow knit for me.


Dani said...

Lovely scarf, and the hat looks great too.

Jo said...

Pretty cool, my dear! x

Batty said...

Beautiful hat/scarf combo! It looks like it'll keep you warm. And who can resist the sheen of silk?

SiressYorkie said...

That yarn is REALLY pretty (and you know me, I'm not easily bowled over by yarn). REAAAAALLY pretty.