Thursday, March 03, 2011

52 Books - 9, 10 and 11

Book 9 - King Arthur - Dragons Child by M K Hume.

I came across this book after reading Wibbo's review of it for her 52 books in 2010 (Wibbo's book blog here). It sounded like my sort of read so right at the beginning of the year I ventured into Brighton city centre and managed to find a copy in Waterstones. I am so glad I did. I read it in 2 days and I loved every page.

It is the legend of the Arthur but with a twist - Arthur is raised by a Roman family - this gives the book a whole different feel from the more traditionally told versions, but the difference really works, it actually makes it feel more real.

This is quite a dark and violent book in places and there some disturbing areas, however, it is part of the story and doesn't seem gratuitous. I like a book and that can shock within a good story without detracting from the tale and this book definitely does that.

I have the second book downloaded onto to my Kindle - but am saving it for when I need a really good, absorbing read and I also have time to loose myself for a  couple of days.

Book 10 - The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet.

Loved the TV series decided to read the book or should that be tome. It is a long book and not good for travelling, hence it took me a little longer to wade through. I did enjoy it though. There are subtle differences from the TV version but it was close enough. The details are there and didn't detract from the story telling - the feel of characters worked well, though, I did picture the actors as I read which I didn't like so much but can live with....who wouldn't mind picturing Rufus Sewell?

Not sure I'd bother with the follow up though. I liked book because of the series but am not so sure that Mr Follets style of writing is one I'd be too eager to revisit - that is just a personal thing though.

Book 11 - Sign of the Four - Arthur Conan Doyle.

This was another Holmes book that got missed from 2010's marathon. I downloaded this as a free audio book from LibriVox for knitting time. I loved it. It has to be one of the most intriguing and exciting Holmes stories I've read - I got an awful lot of knitting done as I was engrossed in the story. It seemed the word pictures of London and the River Thames were more vivid than in other longer Sherlock Holmes stories - perhaps Conan Doyle needed to pad out his word count - but for whatever reason it worked for me.

That's me all caught up with my books. I am happy that at week 9 - I have managed to post about 11 books and still have 4 in hand.

I am reading 3 books and listening to 1 at the moment. It's all looking OK to make 52 in a year so far.

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