Monday, March 14, 2011

Well really

I've been a little remiss with my blogging - just books and madhouse really. It's not that I can't be asked, it's just although I am busy it is all stuff that is mundane and really not worth blogging about. Boring stuff like dental visits, vet visits, shopping, chores and so and so forth. I've been catching up on stuff that got overlooked or forgotten and other bits like clearing out drawers and cupboards which creates a mountain of recycling which seems to take forever to sort through. See really riveting.

I have been knitting and spinning and sewing but it is all stuff in progress - so no pictures or details really. One shawl got 80% of it's body knit in a week as I was determined to move it along but since that burst I've not had the time (due to so many bloomin appointments) to carry on with my massive push on it. I lost my sock mojo for a while (might have re found it now), the gnome gloves still need finishing.....I got distracted.

To make it worse I've put my neck out and am on pain killers which make me sleepy. I think I'll have to go back to the quack as it isn't getting better and I'm having problems sleeping too as I can't get comfortable.

I think I will, try, this week to waste less time faffing about (getting distracted) by all the pretty/blogs/knitting/FB/BTW and get some stuff moved along.

As I've nothing to show you here is a picture of a disgruntled Bo-bo - her expression very much mirrors my own right now.
"Who do you think you are a looking at Matey?"

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