Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tidy mind, tidy stitches.....???

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week - post 3.

I first read the title as 'tiny mind' etc.

I don't have currents photos of my stash because it would be a nightmare to get the whole of it out and takes its picture but it is kind of organised or it was.

At one time I had an up to date list of all the yarn and fibre I owned and was in use and as I used stuff or added to it, I updated the list. This wonderful organised feeling last about 6 months. The list in now buried and woefully out of date. But I like the surprise element that my stash sometimes throws at me when I am having a good deep rummage.

I have 3 hinged baskets in my sitting room. They hold a couple of old UFO's and the relevant yarn for them. The also house my needles, hooks, patterns and sundries. They also are home to some fibre, spinning wheel bits and bobs, loom stuff and spindles and they are fairly organised. I can always lay my hands on what I need with ease.

I have a box in the lounge that keeps tidy the yarn and fibre for my current projects - so I can lay my hands on the next skein without a mega stash dive. My actual projects are kept in separate project bags so kept moth proof.

Everything else....? Is in the hall cupboard in 3 large crates and assorted other storage methods. I have one crate with all my most luscious and favourite stuff in (it hardly shuts), one with lesser yarn and hand spun and one with odds, sods and left over sock yarn. All the yarn is in individual zip lock bags to keep it protected. But it is a mammoth task liberating it and with a low door frame (it houses the tank and cylinder) I am guaranteed to bang my head every time. That might explain why I am so addlepatted.

It isn't perfect. In a perfect world I'd have a yarn room (full to the brim) with special glass fronted cupboards and oodles of space .......maybe one day.

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