Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bandwagons and bogs!

I couldn't resist jumping on this particular wagon. Opal Harry Potter sock yarn Lupin and Harry. One for me and one for M. The Lupin, which is mine, is destined to become gloves - cos I have two pairs of socks on the go and honestly so much sock yarn and so many pairs of socks, that gloves seem like a good idea and I need another WIP, honest I do.

My joining of this wagon is all the fault of wibbo http://wibbo.typepad.com/ showing me her 'Tonks'(sounds kind of rude) on Friday and then giving me the web addy of where she got hers from (p2tog.com - just in case you're interested - nice shop, good, quick service too!). I have an indoor, quiet day today so I feel a cast on coming my way, I did finish a single sock last night too so it kind of balances - the 2nd sock doesn't count, does it?
*rousing rendition of the 'Hallelujah Chorus'* - I have a new 'bog'. The stack and pipes will be boxed in later, the last big job is the basin. I have a loo, a new shower tray, 75% of tiles (grouted) 25% of the floor tiles, the plumbing & electrics for the shower and a heated towel rail. M worked to 11 the last two nights and was grouting at 7 this morning but it finally feels like progress. He'll need a holiday after this lot and he'll deserve one too!

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Kim Green said...

Had a look at p2tog.com, I agree brilliant, another one to add to my long list. Love the H.P Opal wools, may well get some myself soon!! more socks/gloves coming on I feel!