Friday, October 24, 2008

Oh No........

hol2008 065
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not the novelty yarn.....yes it's the novelty yarn *shock,gasp, horror!*

In my defence it is Louisa Harding and it is soooooo pretty I couldn't resist it and it was reduced.

Not from GK this time either. We were walking around Wells and M saw an 'A' board sign with an arrow that said 'Wool Shop', the angel that he is, he pointed it out to me and offered that we should go looksee. It was like stepping back in time to the local wool shop (Perrings) of my childhood, right down to the fact there was a wooden drawer for a till and nary a computer in sight - she wrote down on a stock sheet what I bought....using a pen!!! The didn't even have the chip and pin facility and advised customers to pay by cash cos they had to charge for other methods of payment.....timewarp or what.

They had a lovely mix of yarns from the horrible to the lush, very little lace weight, but a good mix of fibres from Llama to Angora and a nice sock yarn corner. But I fancied this ribbon stuff, I have a future project in mind for and as I said 'it is so pretty'.

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Wibbo said...

Nah, ribbon yarns are OK and def don't come under the heading of 'novelty yarns' - it's the furry eyelash stuff that gets you drummed out of dog, chicken & aardvark...!