Friday, October 17, 2008

Well it is Friday.

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More goodies from GK visit. Manos Silk blend in the most delicious concoction of colours. I love this yarn - am making Tilly from 'A Fine Fleece' in the blue colourway and the softness and texture the yarn gives to the cables is amazing. It's one of those knits that every few rows I stretch it out and look at it, just because it is so lovely.

Bathroom update - I loose my lav this weekend - I feel bereft already. M has promised the new one will go in the same day - so now I just have to pick out a nice new loo seat - the one I want is about £50 - who knew taking a comfy seat could be so costly or have so much choice! He also hopes to have the new basin & unit in and the new shower by Monday - yay.

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