Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Someone is not best pleased...

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with all the chaos and rumpus. He has taken to the high ground in a fit of pique. Actually, it's been a bit more serious than a kitty with the knock, last night he pulled a Houdini at around 10.30pm in all that rain. Ma didn't realise she'd shut him in the conservatory, M let out Loobles and Conkers slipped out through the open door - all M saw was a black tail disappearing into the hedge!!

He came home at about 1.30am again, M was camping out in the conservatory waiting for him, we wanted to close the cat flap so he didn't head back out again after scoffing his supper. He's slept most of the day, downstairs - this cat does not like DIY. He is most sniffy with us all.

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Wibbo said...

Poor old Conkers! Flossbag is driving me mad today - as soon as she sees/hears me walking into any room she's in, it's a mad dash for cover. 'Mad dash' consists of running straight at my legs in a total panic. Suspect it's because I'm wearing a skirt and she doesn't recognise me. Stupid or what?