Monday, December 22, 2008

Fern Glade

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Finally I finished something. My knitting mojo has been sadly lacking of late.

This pattern comes Winter 08 Knitty ( and is by Megan Marshall. I used stash RYC in wool/silk DK (left over from my 'Hey Teach'. It took 2 balls - so 100g. It's a nice knit - I found the amount of k3tog killed my hands and using a short circ made my wrists ache, so it was a slower knit than I first thought.

I made the larger/sloppy size,missing 1 pattern repeat as it looked huge.

It is now blocking away on a large plate. I am very interested to see if I like it this space.

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Anonymous said...

ooh lovely! I'm making one for my sis at the mo, though at this rate she won't get it till after crimbo :S I like the pattern & it was easier than I thought it'd be, but those K3togs are indeed a pain!