Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A little 'Border' Christmas.

Still in Ebenezer mode but a tree does help, a bit.
Sparkly baubles help too.

A Christmas Border - helps a lot!


Nanny Ogg said...

Love the christmas border! So cute!

Still waiting for the 'Bah Humbug's to go away....keep looking for my Christmas spirit and haven't found it yet, although I haven't tried the bottom of the cherry brandy bottle yet :)

**wonders if the choccy lab would look good in a santa hat**

Jakob said...


glittrgirl said...

I am too ill to get my tree up. The thought of a Christmas Greebo is amusing, but the thought of the resultant claw marks reigns me in. I felt so crap the other day I sent myself a bunch of amyrillis which just arrived in bud form - they should open about Christmas Eve. That might induce some Christmas cheer - the meantime the Christmas border made me laugh, then cough and wheeze.....