Monday, December 01, 2008

The Doldrums

*sigh* It has been one of those weekends that I'd rather forget. Nothing major bad, but just a million little niggles that amounted to me being permanently stressed and angry. In fact I am still seriously grumpy today. It doesn't help that the shingles that I thought had cleared up have flared up again. They make me feel ill and tearful as well as itching like f**k. My rhinitis is bad, I have earache and due to all of this my eczema is worse than it has been in ages. So in total I am all a bit blah.

M has laid half of the new floor in the bedroom, but again the builders who originally built this extension have conspired to make progress slow - they nailed the floor down, so it has basically had to be totally relaid and screwed into place before we could even start to lay the wood flooring. What has been done looks amazing though and M swears he will work into the night to finish it - he is fed up too. We have a little glossing left to finish and then it is just tidying and decluttering, putting together my desk, varnishing my chair and putting up a couple of shelves. We are on the bedroom home straight.

Very little knitting I'm afraid. I finished one Mona sock (tis pretty in Skinny Sock, Neapolitan) and one Plain Ole Vanilla in Opal, Tonks - which I adore. I hope to find some knitting time today but it is unlikely.

Hopefully my next post will have pictures and be more jolly - can't be a happy bunny all the time.


Wibbo said...

Hope you're out of the doldrums and feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

poor you! that sounds extremely sucky :( good news on the bedroom though - and then it's all done! (isn't it? I've lost track). hope the glorious wintry sunshine today helps perk you up a bit ((hug))

Nanny Ogg said...

Must be something in the air - I've had a crappy week, too. That combined with a touch of the 'Bah, humbug's! Hope you feel better soon.