Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A little bit of happy

Lottie asleep - just proves she does have her (rare) quiet moments.
But this is what has made me happy. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Anthony Trollope. My most favourite book of his is 'Ayala's Angel', the copy I read, years ago, was lent to me by SIL the elder, ever since I have been trying to get my own copy, mainly because I want to read it again. At D,C & A the other Friday we were talking books and I mentioned in passing my search for an affordable copy of this book, Kate of the wonderful Pie & Sunshine ( found me a site with multiple, affordable copies for sale. I ordered this on Saturday and it arrived today, cost me a tenner!!!! The last copy I found was around £40!!!! It is about hand height in size and apart from a name written in it and a tiny mark on the page edges of the 1st chapter, it is in pristine condition, plus it has the lovely old book smell. I love it, it has made my day.
Am also planning on going to Aardvark Knitting Jam in St Leonard's tonight - apparently the cake is 'good'.
Bedroom floor is now laid - looks amazing. M just has to finish the edging. He also built my new desk yesterday so now I just to declutter the old and clutter the new. I'll post pictures when it's all done and good.

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