Saturday, December 27, 2008

One big sigh....

tis all over bar the shouting!

Seriously we had a good festive time. J got what he'd been hankering after - Lego, money, Scalextric and many other good things. M and I don't normally bother with presents but this year M filled my day with gifts and surprises - I think he was trying to banish the Ebenezer that had manifested throughout December. I got M and joint Xmas and b/day gift - music based - so he's a happy bunny.

Now if I can just persuade them that the tree needs to come down asap, I can get back to being a non-Ebenezer grouch!

Got lots of things to prepare for M's birthday on New Years Eve - so am looking forward to that now.

Hope everyone (who partakes) had a lovely holiday time and Santa came up trumps for you all!


Batty said...

Wow, a New Year's Eve birthday! That's so cool! I know, everyone is broke after Christmas/Hannukah, but still... A new year for the New Year, that's just awesome. Good luck with the M birthday prep!

Jo said...

I hate New Years Eve, yes I know it's Keiths birthday too, but I just keep waking in a cold sweat, worrying what the New Year will bring!