Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lost, missing - 1 rubber burping pig!

If found please return to Lottie! She even checked out my finished 'Tonks' socks to make sure that the pig was not hiding under them. She is distraught. Her pig was her bestest ever present and he is now MIA. We've checked everywhere and he is not to be found. She is offering a reward of bumbum and biscuit flavoured kisses to anyone who can help this missing porker find his way home..........he answers to the name of 'Gavin'.
Still finding my way round my new wheel. It feels so different to the Traveller, more positive and responsive in the treadling. The above is test spinning trying different tensions and just generally getting a feel for it.
Still spinning on the Traveller too. This is Jo's lovely fibre I got at the knitting Safari - spinning up a dream, such wonderful colours. It feels odd moving from one wheel to the other.

I didn't get anywhere as much knitting done over the holidays as I planned - I seemed to spend a lot of time sleeping. I think it is related to the release of almost 18 months of tension whilst dealing with M's Mum's estate - which was finally settled just before Xmas. We actually got written confirmation of this yesterday - I almost cried, the relief was immense - what must it feel like for M and his siblings if it made me feel that way. I am so happy to be starting 2009 without that hanging over our heads, we can finally have some closure on this loss.

M's birthday tomorrow - he's got the day off work - it's nice to have an extra day together.

No resolutions - never keep em. Am looking forward to our little weekend away in a couple of weeks, just M and I. J is going to have a spoiling from Grandma - she always cooks all his favourite foods and lets him stay up late, so he'll have a whale of a time.

Happy New Year to anyone who reads this drivel and celebrates the New Year!

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