Monday, December 22, 2008

Wheely great

I've wanted a smaller more compact wheel for a while and chatting to Jo of the other week she got me thinking of the Majacraft Little Gem. She was telling me how much she loved hers etc. So, when I got in I started to research smaller, folding wheels and the Little Gem in particular.
It wasn't a hard decision to make. M was cool about me having a new wheel, the rest, as they say, "is history".

I love it. Such a wonderful smooth treadling action. Don't get me wrong, I love my Ashford Traveller and it will still be used but this little beauty, well it knocks spots of it. It is easier to thread (no orifice hook), it is easier to find breaks, the bobbin fills more evenly when you start to spin and it is so easy on the legs, you could spin for hours with no aches, the adjustable height is a bonus and it weighs so little and folds down easily and is so compact.
Wonderful little wheel!


pieandsunshine said...

Love it! Slidey hooks really are the mutts nuts - and your bobbins look ginormous (matron!)

Jo said...

well I'm glad you're not disappointed! and they really are easy on the eye too, I couldn't really rave about a spinning wheel enough, could I!

Batty said...

Yay, new wheel! It looks really small and portable. I've heard great things about all Majacraft wheels. Happy spinning!